“To Perpetuate and Promote Old Time Fiddling and Old Time Music”
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Acoustic Instruments Only


  1. Use easy, familiar cover songs for dance bands. Play older, familiar, simple songs. Complex songs that can’t be “picked up on” by the other players are known as “band-busters”. Pick songs that everyone can enjoy.
  1. Let everyone know what key to play in, the name of the song and whether there will be specific chord or key changes.
  1. Don’t noodle and visit between songs. Noodling is the habit of continuing to play licks in between songs. It’s very distracting to the other players and can really slow up a show – Sit on your hands between songs. Know when not to play; back off when the singer is singing, or when someone is taking a lead break. It’s OK to completely stop playing and just listen during a song, especially in a large band group.
  1. Listen and watch the other players. The key to making good music in a dance band is to listen to the song being played by all the others instead of listening to your own playing.
  1. Don’t play too loud.  Don’t play so loud that you’re drowning out the lead singer or the person taking a break. Some instruments are naturally loud, and musicians need to learn to play softly. Play your instrument so that it blends in and allows other instruments and singers to be heard.



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